Dances for 2018

Check the schedule to see where we are playing
next.  I will be updating the schedule as I get
those dates confirmed.
Current Events
Politics, Politics, Politics.   We all need a break.  Find A Dancehall Near You.

2018 kicked off with a bang.  Great dance in Rosenberg with the Red Ravens.  
Looking forward to a great dancing crowd for the Happy Cousin's Dance Club dance
next week.

We'd like to welcome Garrett Neubauer, making it official, a member of the Texas
Sound Check Band.  Garrett filled in for those dances that Benny was out the past 2
years.  Benny is doing better and has played with us since October last year.

We continue to be asked about when we will put out another CD.  We are still in the
talking / planning stage.  We have selected a few songs we'd like to do, but have not
proceeded past that.  With everyone's BUSY schedules, finding time is tough and
staying out of the hospital is a must.

See the Performance page.  I have added some "LIVE" recordings that Larry and I
have done this past year.  Something Different.

Check the schedule page for all the events coming up.

We hope to see you at a dance soon.

TSC Band.
Who would have "EVER" thought one song would become so popular.  
"YELLOWBIRD" is a song everyone has been playing for years.  We just added a
new twist to the song, and WOW.  Did it take off.
Keep requesting it at your local radio stations or come out to hear it LIVE.