Dances for 2020

Check the schedule to see where we are playing
next.  I will be updating the schedule as I get
those dates confirmed.
Current Events
Happy New Year 2020!!!!

Congratulations to the City Polka Boy's and TSC Band on celebrating 50 years this
year.  They were honored on December 7th at the TCHCC Gala in La Grange.  Mark
you calendar for August 9th, 2020.  We will be throwing a FREE DANCE in
Rosenberg celebrating 50 years.  Lots of surprises to come.

As 2020 begins, we start with the annual Rosenberg American Legion Battle Dance
with the Red Ravens.  
Come out and keep Polka music and dancing alive.  There are
a number of dance clubs that folded in 2019.  Come
out and support these halls and
bands.  Polka music is fading fast.  Get the youth involved.

Check the schedule page for all the events coming up.
 There are still some
PENDING dates needing to be finalized.

We hope to see you at a dance soon.

TSC Band.
Who would have "EVER" thought one song would become so popular.  
"YELLOWBIRD" is a song everyone has been playing for years.  We just added a
new twist to the song, and WOW.  Did it take off.
Keep requesting it at your local radio stations or come out to hear it LIVE.